Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Best Sandwich I Ever Ate...

Last weekend I went to Toronto, and as it turns out, I found the perfect sandwich. Our first full day in Toronto was a little crazy, and we needed to find a late lunch. We wandered into a little French cafe - Jules Bistro - and I knew it was going to be good - it had crystal chandeliers after all.

So, the best sandwich I ever ate was here: The Jules Vegetarien with Brie.
I realize that the photo is rather unimpressive, but this sandwich (and Jules Bistro) were SO good, we went back there for lunch the next day and I ate it again. It's that good. Ok, so what is it? Warm ratatouille, two thick slices of brie, a little mustard, baby salad greens, and the freshest bread I have ever had.

The other reason we loved this Bistro: the chef (who was actually French) was out talking to people in the restaurant while we were eating (we were there for a late lunch) our cute waitress has the best French accent, and you could order brie cheese on anything.

I am working on a copy-cat recipe before I forget and I'll share.

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Jonathan said...

That sounds wonderful. I went to graduate school at U of Toronto and miss that wonderful city.